Don’t be nervous

Patients can often be very nervous at the thought of visiting the dentist. Where as most fears can be overcome by our caring dentists, many require much more to address what may be even be a phobia.
This is where Dental Sedation helps.

We have patients who regularly come to us for Dental Sedation in Glasgow, there is probably more people who get this procedure than you might think, dental sedation for nervous patients is sometimes a must have for the patient and also for the dentist to carry out the work properly.

Our aim is to make you feel at ease whenever you are coming into our practice.

So if you are looking for Dental Sedation Glasgow then, we are here to help with any fears you have. If you are having any serious nervous issues about coming in and you are putting it off the best thing you could do it come in for a simple check-up where we can discuss your options with you.

Sedation (Dental Sedation) is a simple procedure that dentists and other medical professionals can use on patients that are nervous or for long or difficult treatments that could be uncomfortable for you.  It is achieved by administrating medication that is used to make you feel very relaxed and in a ‘dream-like’ state.  In the form of sedation we advocate, although you be awake at the time, most patients ‘forget’ the procedure due to the medication and hence think they have been asleep.

If you fit into any of the following categories then this procedure may be best for you:

  •  If you suffer from dental phobia and you would rather not be aware of what is happening during treatment.
  • Your fear is based around a specific thing like needles.
  • If you are getting some complex treatment and it’s an unpleasant procedure, for example, wisdom tooth removal.
  • If you have a lot of treatment to be finished and want most of it done in one visit or if you can’t take lots of time off for separate appointments.

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