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The Glasgow orthodontist who works at Govan Dental Care has many years experience and specialises in providing treatments to people who need braces and retainers due to having crooked teeth, uneven spaces between teeth, overcrowding or improper bites etc.

The role of our Glasgow orthodontist in the surgery is firstly to assess the patient and then to make a decision based on requirements and the best possible form of treatment with great results for the individual. Treatments that are commonly used in Glasgow by our orthodontist involve inserting braces to move the teeth into the desired place and to set them.

Patients are required to continue to visit the orthodontist regularly when this procedure has been carried out to allow for braces to be tightened or have parts replaced should they need it.

If you don’t attend all appointments given then progress may take longer than necessary.

When braces have served their purpose and the desired improvement has been reached retainers are issued to maintain teeth in that position.

Orthodontists in Glasgow can treat people in various situations, they don’t only offer treatment to people who need braces for genuine reasons but can also help people whose teeth aren’t as perfect or straight as they would like them to be.

At Govan Dental Care we want people to be happy and confident in themselves and their smiles so if you feel that our Glasgow orthodontist could help you then contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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