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If you feel that your require dental work to enhance the look of your teeth then our highly experienced Glasgow cosmetic dentist at Govan Dental Care is on hand to provide you with the level of service that you may require.

There are various procedures on offer which help boost peoples confidence when it comes to their smile.

Our Glasgow cosmetic dentist has helped many patients in our surgery over the years by carrying out different types of procedures from teeth whitening and tooth coloured fillings to bridges, crowns and veneers. All cosmetic work improves the appearance of your teeth whether it be the colour, shape etc.

When doing fillings, materials are made from porcelain and composite ingredients to more closely resemble the appearance of your natural teeth. White fillings are now more popular than amalgam ones. Veneers and crowns are other ways of improving the image of peoples teeth, our trained staff always tell patients about the options available to them.

Govan Dental Care has a team of dentists who have served the local community for many years and are always looking to help other people in Glasgow who may be looking for a cosmetic dentist. The team is made up of both males and females. Our staff always keep themselves up to date with all relevant information.

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Free check-ups available from the NHS for all patients in Scotland.

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We are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.


Our practice is perfect for children and welcomes nervous patients.