Teeth Whitening Glasgow

Tooth whitening/teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic/private treatments in dentistry. And Govan Dental care offer this service in Glasgow.

Teeth Whitening Glasgow is a procedure that is now more popular than ever, and we have slots available for anyone to have this treatment carried out.

We offer Teeth Whitening in Glasgow from as little as £495 so the cost isn’t as high as some might expect, it is a pain free procedure and you are able to call us and book an appointment at a time that suits you, or use our online booking service to see what slots we have available.

Teeth over time become discoloured and they usually yellow somewhat with age.

Tooth whitening can reverse these changes. Other reasons for discoloured teeth are our everyday eating and drinking habits such as tea, coffee and smoking regularly. Current whitening techniques are very straightforward and highly effective.  With prices from £495 this is a must-have cosmetic treatment.

Teeth whitening is a great procedure to use when wanting to remove deep staining and restoring teeth to their original shade, however not all teeth will whiten: crowns, veneers and fillings do not whiten as well as natural teeth. Before any treatment goes ahead here at our practice we will make sure each patient is individually assessed and advised properly to their suitability.

There are many ways to whiten your teeth, however two of the most-popular methods are Home Whitening and In-Surgery Whitening or a combination of both.

Teeth Whitening at Govan Dental

Home Teeth Whitening Glasgow Dentists

In home-whitening, the actual whitening takes place outside the clinic but is controlled and monitored in surgery.  The procedure involves having impressions taken of your teeth, followed by the construction of a customised ‘bleaching tray’ which is used to apply the whitening gel.

Modern gels are very effective such that with applying little amounts over a 2 week period you end up with a fantastic result.  If you don’t, you simply carry on until you do.  This method of whitening is not only cheaper but puts YOU in control.

In – Surgery Whitening

In-surgery teeth whitening Glasgow involves the use of powerful gels and of course, the time and skill of your dentist.  In treatment times of as little as 20 minutes, your teeth can be given a ‘dose’ of whitening.  However, most patients require at least 2-3 small visits, or one long visit to achieve a fantastic result.  Having said this, if you want instant results this is the best way.

Teeth whitening is a very effective and safe treatment; the only side effect being that a small number of individuals experience tooth sensitivity for the duration they whiten their teeth.  This however can be easily controlled by items given to you by your dentist.

What we offer

Enlighten Teeth Whitening is £495

Other whitening systems from £195

But check our website and social media pages for regular discounts!

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