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dental implant is a metal titanium insert that is used to replace a missing tooth and or teeth. This is a service that Govan Dental Care offer, many people in Glasgow get Dental Implants and come to our practice to get the work carried out.

Getting Dental Implants in Glasgow isn’t always as expensive as you might think, you can come in and see us for a FREE consultation for this procedure. Getting a Dental Implant is a complex procedure. The insert can be used to retain a crown, bridge or even a denture. This is a great way of replacing missing teeth as implants are a much more reliable and permanent option and effectively aim to replace the ‘roots’ in your jaw.

The placing of a dental implant is an advanced procedure that will take a minimum of 3 months to complete. Having said this, it is more than worth the wait. Initially, the titanium insert is placed into the bone (under anaesthetic making it painless) then the bone is given time to heal and become ‘one’ with the metal insert. Following succesful healing, the implant can be ‘loaded’ with your choice of abutment – a crown, bridge or denture.

Many implant systems are available with immediate-loading options also possible (so you can effectively have a crown placed the same day) however your dentist will be best to advise on the most preferred option.

If you are interested in going ahead with implants or finding out more our reception staff will arrange an appointment to see one of our dentists where you can discuss your options.

Dental implant is a very cost effective treatment and it can be life changing for you. It takes patience and commitment to go forward and it is our duty to make sure you fully understand and are comfortable with the proposition. With this in mind we have created a range of different videos  which provide information on dental treatments including dental implants and can be viewed here. To arrange your consultation appointment and make a life changing difference to your smile please call 0141-445-1829 or BOOK ONLINE.

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